A Tuesday Breather

04 Jun


The tide will rise to the word written in the sand. People and events in your life will rise to the occasion if you make gratitude your focus. It is simply the Law of Attraction. “Sometimes thinking about the subject of gratitude can prompt us to feel more of it. In other words, as we

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21 May

Two Heads are Better than One

This week I have been reminded of how important two sides of the coin is.  It is important to have more than one perspective, opinion, mindset, strength-set or skillset when looking at any given situation.  “Two heads are better than one” right?  Today, who are you involving to inform you of a new perspective, opinion,

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14 May

The Pygmalion Effect

What we say and do has a dramatic effect on the success or failure of those we are in relationship with be it work or personal, subordinate or child. You might be unknowingly witnessing the Pygmalion and/or Golem Effects in your niece or nephew, child or father, boss or subordinate and you may have only

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14 Dec

Never Force Anything. Give it Your Best Shot, and Then Let it Be

It is not enough to have high expectations on yourself, you need to also have a good attitude about the high expectations you give yourself. If you don’t have both, you have a recipe for unfulfilled success. How do you have a good attitude while placing high expectations on yourself? If you are a perfectionist,

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19 Jul

Beliefs Shape How We Lead

Lou Holtz, a retired American football coach, and active sportscaster, author, and motivational speaker has been credited for an Essay dubbed “Two Americas” by the many who are circulating it on E-mail.  Actually Bob Lonsberry, who has been a newspaper reporter, photographer, magazine writer, editor, talk show host and radio and television conservative political commentator wrote

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30 Mar

Beaten But Not Finished

A fellow business owner told me today that he felt like he was “being crushed under a pile of rocks”. It made me panic at first but when I found out it wasn’t physical it was mental, my heart broke. No one should ever feel like they were being crushed under a pile of rocks

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Puzzle pieces representing employee teamwork
08 Mar

Reinforcing the Right Behaviors

When do you reward your employees? How do you reward them? When are you rewarded? How are you rewarded? If we want to reinforce a culture we reinforce the behaviors seen in it.  They can be good or bad behaviors. You can reinforce negative behaviors that build a negative culture just as much as you

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10 Nov

Change Happens!

  Remember the old bumper sticker “Shit happens!” (Inspired by Forrest Gump, haha).  Change happens in our world, change happens in our nation, change happens in our lives, change happens in our workplace. It sure seems that we cannot get away from change doesn’t it? Nebraska’s unemployment rate is 2.5%. The average worker stays in

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27 Oct

No Pain, No Gain

Everyone has bad experiences and everyone is affected by sorrow.  Life has both joy and sorrow.  The important thing is for us to recognize this is the case.  Recognize that sorrow happens, bad experiences happen.  Maybe we need to watch for them, “sniff” them out and prepare or plan for them?  I am not suggesting

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Project Runway
23 Sep

Team Dynamics. How Important Are They?

When picking who will  be on your team how important is it to consider team dynamics?  Let’s see… On one of my favorite shows, Project Runway Season 14 Episode 5 illustrates a perfect example.  Project Runway is a reality TV show putting up and coming fashion designers/amateurs/wanna-bees to the test.  The season begins with 16

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