A Tuesday Breather

09 Sep


“When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited

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Vince Lombardi quote
10 Aug

Leadership Lessons from TNT’s “Last Ship”

I love word pictures.  I love visuals.  I tend to learn from movies or television really well.  It influences me.  In fact, I have to be very careful what I watch because of how influential it can be such that a morbid, depressing or a negative shown too graphically kind of movie can invoke bad

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Teamwork graphic with puzzle pieces
13 Jul

Redefining an Organization

It is time for me (and you, along for the ride) to redefine my view of an organization and to eliminate the valued “pecking order.”  Money erodes social connectedness whereas People motivate each other. Rivalry has to be replaced by SOCIAL CAPITAL. High achieving groups do not have 2 -3 superstars or a high IQ

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360 Degrees
09 Jul

Save time! Re-frame the Question

Albert Einstein once remarked that if he had an hour to solve a problem and his life depended on it; he’d spend the first 55 minutes determining the question to ask, because once he had the right question it would only take him five minutes to solve the problem. There is a tremendous power in

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Man trapped in a jar.
14 Jun

No One Listens to Me

Cutting watermelon with a dull knife is like trying to lead an influencer that is an 8 (high influence) when you are a 4 (low influence).  The knife can easily cut through the soft melon inside the tough rind but when it attempts to cut through the tough rind it gets stuck, it loses direction

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Group of people jumping into the air
08 Jun

Burnout Prevention

10 Things Happy People Do Differently They build a strong social fabric. They engage in activities that fit their strengths, values and lifestyle. They practice gratitude. They have an optimistic thinking style. They know it’s good to do good. They know that material wealth is only a very small part of the equation. They develop

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Tree blowing in the wind - cartoon.
08 Jun

In the Face of a CHALLENGE

As many of you are well aware, we have faced a challenge as a company in temporarily losing our Senior Account Manager. Aside from the unknown of the outcome of his health and well being, we are faced with the challenge of covering the excellent job he did and does for our company. We have

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30 May

Communicating Change

6 Step Strategy for Communicating Change to Your TEAM Gather your leaders (a.k.a. influencers: could be a positional leader could be a member of the team who has big influence with the team) Cast vision – Tell your people the direction you are taking them and why and why it will be a good thing

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30 May

The Meaning of TEAM

Together Everyone Accomplishes More – together is the only way we can all succeed. As an Owner, CEO, Manager, Head of a Department, Leader: What are you doing to support and show value to your TEAM? We are currently asking ourselves that question and are in the middle of answering it right now.  Here is

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TED Talk - Diana Nyad
04 May

Leaders Have a “Champion” Spirit

Champions are made in the near wins not the near misses in life.  It is in that moment when you receive the silver medal or see the finish line and stop that you try even harder the next time. It is what we called back in high school on the cross country team, “beating your

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