5 Key Traits of Your Janitorial Company

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The quality of the cleaning in your facility matters. Your facility is the first impression many of your customers have of your business. You need a janitorial provider with exacting standards that will keep your business looking its best. The people matter, too. At ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance in Lincoln, Nebraska, we understand the importance of open communication. That is why you have one point of contact, who you can count on to answer any questions you may have and respond to all requests.

The Right Tools and Techniques

Household vacuums and mops aren’t up for the challenge. A janitorial company should invest in the latest equipment that will provide the best, most efficient cleaning. This means that not only does your building look better, but it takes less time as well.

Flexible to Fit Your Needs

Each business has specific cleaning needs. A quality janitorial provider will work with you to determine the ideal schedule and cleaning focus for your business.

Green Cleaning

A healthy cleaning is a key to healthy employees. Volatile organic compounds and other harsh chemicals in traditional cleaning solutions are proven to be harmful to the health. Be sure your janitorial company is committed to giving your business the healthy green cleaning it deserves.

Trusted Professionals

Ask for references. A high quality, reliable janitorial company will be able to provide you with multiple references that can tell you about their experiences. You want to be confident you can count on your new janitorial provider.