Overlooked Dirty Places in Your Lincoln Office

A clean office is key to staying healthy. When you spend several hours every day in the office, the bacteria and germs there place you at a high risk of getting sick. And a sick employee is much less productive than a healthy employee. At ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance, we recognize the importance of keeping your Lincoln, Nebraska office clean and creating a healthy environment for your team. The biggest health problem areas in an office:

Throughout the day, you touch numerous surfaces covered in germs—and then you sit down at your desk and begin working again, without washing your hands. This means that your keyboard holds the germs collected throughout the day.

Door Knobs
We convey numerous bacteria and germs on our hands every day. This is why frequent hand washing is so highly recommended to help keep you from getting sick. Also, as you’re likely aware from the office restrooms, not all of your coworkers wash their hands. This means that door knobs are one of the dirtiest surfaces in any office environment.

Other Common Spaces or Communal Equipment
Any place or items that are shared by multiple people in your office is a risk, including the copier, coffee pot, water cooler, or sink handles.

Cell Phones
If you’re like most Americans, your cell phone almost never leaves your side. It might even get set by the bathroom sink or on the meeting room table. Your cell phone goes with you everywhere and picks up all the bacteria you come into contact with, but it doesn’t get washed like your hands or your clothes.

For all your office cleaning needs, turn to ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance. We have the expertise to keep your office looking great.