Improving Air Quality with Green Cleaning in Lincoln, NE

Trust the Air Quality & Cleaning Experts at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance


ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance is the expert for maintaining facilities and providing services for office cleaning in Lincoln, NE. But the one thing that differentiates us from our competitors is that with our services we go above and beyond in order to help improve the quality of air within your office to reduce pollutants and provide a healthier work environment.

As a dependable commercial cleaning service provider in Lincoln, NE,  ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance works endlessly to ensure that your business operates under the cleanest conditions. With our services for green cleaning in Lincoln, NE,  ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance can deliver an eco-friendly cleaning alternative in comparison to heavy-duty chemical cleaners, to reduce pollution and to improve the air quality within your office.

Improving Air Quality

By avoiding the use of heavy-duty cleaning containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in your office and switching to eco-friendly, green cleaners will significantly lower the number of fumes and chemicals that are released into the air. Many traditional chemical cleaning products contain artificial scents that cause indoor air pollution, resulting in poor air quality for any office. The green products we use do not contain harsh chemicals or artificial scents, but instead are biodegradable. The natural ingredients of our green cleaners will actually degrade over time and break down without causing harmful side effects or additional pollution.

Apart from improving indoor air quality and reducing pollution, our green cleaning agents also provide a number of additional advantages. For instance, when it comes to sanitization and the effectiveness of green cleaners in comparison to their traditional chemical counterparts, they are about even. Green products can eliminate bacteria just as effectively but without the need for strong chemicals.

For a reliable green cleaning service in Lincoln, NE,  get in touch with ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance. We’re the company to call for high quality commercial janitorial services throughout Lincoln, NE, and the surrounding areas. For more information, feel free to contact our office to speak with a representative regarding our green cleaning and janitorial services.