Preventing Diseases in the Workplace

Office cleaning: Lincoln, Nebraska, isn’t exactly the first place you think of when you think of massive office buildings in an urban setting that requires crews of janitors — but you’d be surprised. We’ve got our fair share of tall office buildings, and we certainly do our best to keep them clean.

For property managers, there’s nothing more important than to keep your office clean and sanitized during the cold and flu seasons.

Preventing flu viruses and other germs from moving about the workplace is a top priority of our office cleaning crews. How do we do that?  By keeping everything sanitized and clean. But it’s not enough to just wipe down surfaces and vacuum floors.  Here are a few extra tips to keep viruses, germs, and bacteria at bay:

Clean the Water Sources Thoroughly
Water fountains, water coolers, kitchen sinks, are the most common items that need to be cleaned during flu season. Germs are left behind on any knob, button, or surface a person touches, and many do not wash their hands after using a drinking fountain or water cooler. These are primary items that should attract extra attention to clean.

Sterilizing Our Own Equipment after Each Job
We’re always interested in keeping our equipment clean and functional, but during flu season, we’re acutely aware of the potential of cross-contamination. We don’t want to take the bug that one office just recovered from and transfer it to a difference office. So we take the extra time to clean and sanitize our equipment between cleanings.

Daily Cleaning Services
For offices that only have a janitorial crew visit their office a few times a week, it may be worth the investment to hire the janitorial crew for daily services. In a busy office with ill employees, you’ll want a crew that can enter your property empty all of the trash bins and clean common areas of your office. Otherwise you risk the buildup of tissues, having fingerprints and germs plaguing door handles and desks, and overflowing garbage bins. All of these items harbor germs and are able to easily spread, but with daily janitorial services, you’ll be getting rid of these items on a daily basis reducing the chances of having employees becoming ill.