Tips for Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As in climate as the weather in Lincoln is, commercial businesses’ carpets experience plenty of mud, dirt, and other debris over time. It can save you time and money to prevent stains and follow a few carpet cleaning tips rather than renting expensive carpet cleaners and steamers.

Lincoln Commercial Businesses – Learn These Few Easy Habits

To really maintain your carpet and keep it clean, vacuum at least twice a week. When the bag or container of your vacuum is half-full, empty it out for maximum effectiveness. Also, it is wise to use a top-load vacuum so dirt falls inward when you turn the vacuum off, rather than back on your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning When There’s a Spill

Use a white terrycloth towel and blot the spill. If you’re a commercial business, you certainly experience food and drink spills occasionally. Be sure not to scrub or even gently rub the spill because this can fray your carpet or just set the stain. If the spill is oil-based, you can sprinkle baking soda on it to help lift oils out from the carpet, cleaning your carpet naturally. If neither the towel nor the baking soda method works, don’t hesitate to call a professional Lincoln commercial carpet cleaning service like ServiceMaster of Lincoln. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to lift out the discoloration and the more likely it will become a stain.

The appearance of your business is important. You want to make a good impression, making people feel welcome and like they are in a credible place. By following these few simple precautions when it comes to carpet cleaning you should be good to go!