Disinfection Maintenance Tips

After you’ve received a professional disinfection service, it’s important to maintain your clean and disinfected space. Incorporate cleaning and disinfecting habits into your daily routine. Start by focusing on high touch areas. Clean with soap and water first then disinfect with an EPA-registered product. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance compiled the following disinfection maintenance tips from the CDC to help you create your disinfection maintenance routine.

Stay Home: If you feel sick, stay home.

Cover Coughs: Cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow or a tissue instead of your hands.

6 Feet: When around others, keep 6 feet of distance to avoid the spread of illness from person to person contact.

Hand Hygiene: Wash your hands often throughout the day the correct way. Use soap and water for 20 seconds and dry completely. If you don’t have access to soap and water, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

Surface Material

The material of the items you’d like to clean impact the cleaning and disinfecting method you need to use. If you have soft surfaces to clean like upholstered items or rugs, use the following process.

  • Soft Surfaces: Start by cleaning with soap and water. If possible, launder these items following the manufacturer’s guidelines and dry them completely.
  • If you’re unable to launder the item, use an EPA -registered disinfectant.

High Touch Surfaces

One of the best habits you can start is to clean and disinfect high touch surfaces daily.

First, identify what areas are used the most in your space. Usually, these areas include tabletops, door handles, electronics, light switches, sinks and more.

Clean & Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting are not the same. They should be done consecutively but it’s important to understand the difference. Cleaning removes dirt, debris and some germs. Disinfecting kills germs. Use the following process when cleaning and disinfecting your business or home.

  • Use gloves while cleaning and make sure your space is ventilated with a fan or open window.
  • Start by cleaning surfaces with soap and water.
  • When surfaces are clean, use an EPA-registered disinfectant. Follow the label instructions to use effectively and safely.
  • Teach all employees or family members the correct way to use your cleaning supplies.
  • Place cleaning supplies around your space to encourage everyone to wipe down surfaces after use.

Preventative Disinfection

Our years of professional cleaning experience allows us to offer COVID-19 disinfections. We are trained to isolate, clean, disinfect and decontaminate each surface following guidelines established by the CDC during every service. We’re dedicated to helping our community stay healthy and safe during this time. From high touch surfaces and hard to reach corners, we can kill germs and lower the risk of spreading infections such as COVID-19. As re-opening starts, schedule a professional disinfection service. We can create a multi-service plan or provide a one-time clean.

Proudly serving Lincoln, NE since 1990, ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance employs professional experts who are trained, screened, and tested to ensure top-quality service. Our professional cleaning services will not only leave your business looking spotless, but also will enhance its overall appearance for employees, customers, and clients to enjoy. We hope the tips above help you keep your space clean and disinfected. If you don’t know where to start, contact us at 402-261-0992. We can create a one-time or multi-service disinfection plan for your business.

Photo by: istockphoto.com/TRADOL LIMYINGCHAROEN