Hard Surfaced Floor Care by ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance

We’ll make your office floors shine.


hardwood floor cleaning lincolnBeautiful hard-surface floors can be one of the most impressive features of your facility. When regularly and correctly maintained, they can do more than create good impressions on your employees and guests. Attractive, well-maintained floors can help enhance your professional image, while providing a clean, safe working environment.

Count on ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance to keep your Lincoln hard-surface floors looking their best. Whether they are marble, vinyl, ceramic, quarry, tile, wood or made of other types of materials, we can custom design a care plan that will fulfill your needs. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance uses the best floor care products and most innovative equipment and methods for optimal effectiveness.

Combined with several years of experience and the research and development of a Fortune 500 company, we have the expertise to service hospitals, schools, grocery stores, retail stores, offices and several other kinds of facilities. Our team understands the unique cleaning requirements for each hard surface flooring material and location. Maximize your investment with ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance’s floor cleaning service in Lincoln, NE.