Post Construction Cleaning Services in Lincoln, NE

Post construction cleaning in Lincoln, NE

Did you just complete a big construction project in Lincoln, Nebraska? Are you not looking forward to cleaning up the debris and post-construction mess leftover? Don’t! Let ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance clean up after you. From basic cleanup duties like removing large debris to eliminating all the dust that was produced, our cleaning crews can get it done. Construction projects generate tons of dust that lay on surrounding surfaces and float in the air. These particulates will embed themselves in all corners of the new building and make the space appear dull and dingy, as well as produce poor indoor air quality.

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance can do all of the following post construction cleaning needs after your big project: 

Wipe Everything Down

This is the first and most obvious part of cleaning after construction. Dust settles on top of any and all surfaces, including walls, light fixtures, appliances, ceiling fans, doorknobs, window sills, and furniture.  We make sure to check the tops of cabinets, the baseboards by the floor, and the interior shelves and inside drawers of cabinets. We’ll check the bathrooms and other areas of the new facility to ensure everything has been cleaned. Our floor cleaning team can also provide expert hard surface floor care and cleaning services for a variety of floor surfaces. 

Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Care

If your construction project remodeled a portion of a building or as an add-on to an already existing facility, it’s possible that dust and debris found its way into other areas of the building. Dust easily embeds in the fibers of carpets and upholstered furniture, curtains, couch cushions or other fabrics. If you need a professional carpet cleaner to steam clean the carpets, look no further than ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance. Our carpet cleaning team can prevent further damage to the fibers after large amounts of dust accumulation. We can also professionally clean any upholstery that may have been heavily affected by dirt and debris from the project. 

Pressure Washing

If your project was to build a brand new building or an outdoor extension to an already existing one, you may want to pressure wash the exterior walls and sidewalks. This will maintain the outside appearance as bright and welcoming after completion.

Post construction cleanup is a job all by itself. If your team isn’t up to the task or you need to start your next project right away, you can rely on ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance to provide post construction cleaning services for any project in Lincoln, Nebraska. We’re the partner you can count on for commercial cleaning projects. Contact us online or call today at (402) 261 – 0992.