Green Cleaning Services by ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance

Healthy businesses are strong businesses.

lincoln green cleaningRecent studies show that sustainably designed and operated buildings, or eco-friendly buildings, provide measurable financial savings over their non-sustainable counterparts. This financial benefit comes from the decrease in operating costs, improved health, productivity, and retention of employees, along with government incentives. As an increasing number of businesses make the intelligent decision to transition to green cleaning for their facilities in Lincoln and surrounding areas, the overall impact grows exponentially to reach a global scale.

Research has shown that facilities that switch to green cleaning have:

1) Healthier Employees—Your business at its best.

Companies vastly underutilize their human assets and don’t recognize the full benefits of green cleaning. The return on investment transitioning from traditional cleaning to green cleaning brings can be extensive. Green cleaning provides the same level of cleaning success as traditional methods, with little or no increase in cost. Get the most out of Lincoln green cleaning and provide a safer and healthier work environment for your employees, so they can perform at optimal levels.

2) Positive Environmental Impact – The big picture.
The benefits of switching to green cleaning don’t end with the immediate improvements for your employees and bottom line. The transition to green cleaning also has a huge, positive long-term impact on the environment.

In the United States, commercial buildings consume 17% of the water, 33% of the energy, 40% of the raw materials, and 71% of the electricity. Commercial facilities produce directly or indirectly, 40% of the landfill waste, 33% of the carbon dioxide, 49% of the sulfur dioxide and 10% of the particulate emissions.

When we take on the responsibility of switching to eco-friendly practices and green cleaning services in Lincoln, NE, together we can make an enormous improvement to our overall environment.

Why Is It Easy to GoGreen?

Environmental stewardship—it’s one of our core principles!

janitorial services lincolnBecause ServiceMaster Clean is dedicated to environmental stewardship, we have spent years developing proprietary green cleaning technologies and methods. ServiceMaster Clean Green For™ products are audited and certified green by four independent leading auditors: Envirodesic™, Environmental ChoiceGreen Seal, and Eco-label.  ServiceMaster Clean is still constantly innovating, finding new ways to improve cleaning methods, and discovering new ways to benefit businesses and their employees.

ServiceMaster PBM of Lincoln offers the ServiceMaster Clean proprietary, patent pending Capture & Removal Cleaning System. This system is designed to dramatically reduce particulate emissions within facilities.  Where other cleaning systems simply swirl and circulate dust back into the workplace, we actually capture and remove it, leaving your air quality and working conditions improved.

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