Industrial Facility Cleaning in Lincoln, NE

Industrial facility janitorial cleaning services in Lincoln, NE

If you own or manage an industrial plant or manufacturing facility in the greater Lincoln, Nebraska area, it’s important to maintain an efficient workflow. Downtime that occurs as a result of needed maintenance or repairs on machines can cause significant delays in production goals and deadlines. At ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance, we know that the cleanliness of your facility is a crucial part of maintaining that productivity. Our Lincoln, NE cleaning professionals have the right training and experience to clean your industrial, manufacturing or warehouse facility according to strict protocols and safety standards. We’re the cleaning team you can rely on. When you hire our janitorial staff to keep a regular cleaning schedule for your industrial facility, you’ll reap the following benefits:

Improve Productivity

Workers are more productive when they have a clean and healthy workplace environment. You’ll also notice decreased absenteeism and a higher morale due to regular cleaning and decontamination practices. Dangerous chemical build-ups, mold, pollutants and pathogens can all affect your employees as a result of working in your facility. Keeping your facility clean and safe is the first step to maintaining production speeds. 

Less Maintenance and Repairs on Your Equipment

When your equipment and heavy machinery remain clean, they run more efficiently. More efficient machines mean faster and more efficient production times. Specialized equipment used on a regular basis will experience wear and tear. But keeping these tools clean can keep them in good shape and minimize the amount of maintenance and repairs they may need over time. Whenever you have a machine break down or work slowly due to grime buildup, that is more downtime and less work being done. You can’t afford that! But you can afford to rely on a trusted and trained janitorial team especially knowledgeable of current industrial cleaning practices.

We’re Trained on Safety Standards

We’re dedicated to safety. We know that environmental protection standards protect lives and property. We take great care to train all of our industrial cleaning staff on proper ladder policies, electrical safety, proper lifting and materials handling, hazard communication and site-specific training for special production rooms. We’re prepared to address and serve your facility’s special cleaning projects or needs, no matter how strict the standards are.

ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance provides industrial cleaning services to manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, large oil refineries, production plants, utility companies, production clean rooms, communication companies and storage warehouses in the industrial sector of Lincoln, Nebraska. Call today at (402) 261 – 0992 to set up a consultation or contact us online.