The Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning in Lincoln, NE

New carpeting brightens the appearance of your commercial facility, but the cost of fresh carpets is not something you want to cover frequently. So, how do you get the look of new carpets without the high cost? Regular vacuuming helps keep down the dirt and debris build-up, but eventually vacuuming alone does not protect your commercial carpets from looking dingy and worn. Preserve your carpets with professional cleaning services from ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance.

Even if your office carpets don’t look dirty, over time the fibers become worn down and damaged. Periodic professional cleaning services reach deep into the carpet, extracting those harmful materials that you cannot see.

The cleanliness of your Lincoln commercial carpeting directly correlates to the air quality in your commercial facility. Carpets trap dirt, dust, and other allergens, keeping them in the space and affecting your employees’ health.

Hot water extraction from the Lincoln professional commercial carpet cleaning technicians at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance gently removes those deep down particles, leaving your carpets looking fresh and giving your team a healthy workspace. This technique also provides a complete cleaning without leaving behind chemical residues or shampoo that keep your carpets matted down.

Give your old carpets a fresh start with commercial carpet cleaning services from our team at ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance.