Tip to Keep Your Lincoln Office Clean

The cleanliness of your office sends a strong signal to your customers about how much you care. For a strong professional image that will impress, partner with ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance. Our team of Lincoln janitorial cleaning professionals cleans and sanitizes your facility on the custom schedule that fits your needs and your budget. Nightly Lincoln janitorial services keep your facility clean, but during the day, common spaces and workspaces can become messy through use. Don’t let your office become sloppy in time for your 4 p.m. meeting. Follow these best practices to keep your office looking good throughout the day.

Commit to cleaning. Make a commitment as a team to tidy up. Keep common spaces clear—white board markers back on the board, dishes in the dishwasher, and so on. When you all care for you own space, you can enjoy clean spaces all day long.

Banish food to the kitchen. You might enjoy combining productivity and food, but the crumbs and grease that find their way between the keys on your keyboard and get ground into your carpets are less pleasant combinations. Keep your workstation clean by keeping the crumbs safely in the kitchen.

Clear away the clutter. If you take 10 minutes to clear your desk, wipe down your keyboard, and get organized, you’ll be ready to get started Monday with a clean slate.

When your team invests a few minutes a day to clean up, you all win. With a Lincoln office that stays clean right up through 5 p.m., you can impress you customers and breathe easy. ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance provides the deep cleaning for a healthy, clean office, and you keep it going. Call today for your free Lincoln janitorial estimate.