Beaten But Not Finished

A fellow business owner told me today that he felt like he was “being crushed under a pile of rocks”. It made me panic at first but when I found out it wasn’t physical it was mental, my heart broke. No one should ever feel like they were being crushed under a pile of rocks but that is what some people do to other people. Some people choose to be difficult and a curse. Why? I cannot figure this out. All I know is I choose to be a blessing not a curse. The other thing that amazes me is when you do the best you can and it is not enough. By whose standards? Who says what you are doing isn’t the best that you can do? If you are doing and trying your best, kudos to you!! Your path will be laid out before you. You will know when its time to cut your losses or when its time to dig in.  Take no prisoners!  Ride on my friend!! Ride on!!!