In the Face of a CHALLENGE

As many of you are well aware, we have faced a challenge as a company in temporarily losing our Senior Account Manager. Aside from the unknown of the outcome of his health and well being, we are faced with the challenge of covering the excellent job he did and does for our company. We have given many opportunities to our whole team to rise to embrace the challenge and face it head on. One thing we’ve learned is how important having “a bench” is. College football teams typically have 100 plus players on their team. This means they have “back-ups” for all positions. Could we honestly say we have “back-up” for all of our players? This is a challenge we have faced before and have slowly been working on for the past 2 years. We haven’t arrived but we are farther along in the face of this challenge then we were when we were faced with this same type of challenge 2 years ago.

Be like a tree. When the challenge comes and it always will, like wind raking through tree limbs and shaking seed pods loose, turn the situation into an opportunity to plant seeds, to add value, to give to someone. Anyone. A tree doesn’t break but bends WITH the wind. In this way we must take challenge head on, move with it, sway with it and sow seeds of encouragement, wisdom, and opportunity.