The Meaning of TEAM

Together Everyone Accomplishes More – together is the only way we can all succeed.

As an Owner, CEO, Manager, Head of a Department, Leader: What are you doing to support and show value to your TEAM?

We are currently asking ourselves that question and are in the middle of answering it right now.  Here is our story….

We are trying to support a committed member of the Servicemaster PBM family who has been with us for 10 years who has been in the hospital for 2 weeks and will be for at least 2 more weeks and after that it is unknown when he will return to work.  We are matching contributions from the entire Servicemaster PBM family collected through the end of June and will present that to our hospitalized team member’s family.

However, the most important thing for the entire organization’s sake is that we keep the organization running smoothly.  We have developed a plan to cover the hospitalized team member’s area of responsibility while he is out for an unknown length of time.  This team member is both a valuable asset to our team and a dedicated and committed employee of Servicemaster PBM.  We will stand by him to the best of our ability and stand by the entire team while we pull together during this challenging time.

5 Things to remember when your TEAM is facing the unknown:

  1. Split the work up – Delegate and challenge people to give a little more.
  2. Ask yourself one question: Are you in or are you out? – Teamwork and commitment is paramount.  Everyone needs to do what it takes to keep the entire organization not only surviving but thriving.
  3. Communicate – Both tasks and needs
  4. Prioritize – Not all tasks are important. We have to work at prioritizing so we have energy to complete the most important tasks.  Ask someone if you need help prioritizing.
  5. Trust – We need to trust the experience, knowledge and dependability of the entire team.