No Pain, No Gain

Everyone has bad experiences and everyone is affected by sorrow.  Life has both joy and sorrow.  The important thing is for us to recognize this is the case.  Recognize that sorrow happens, bad experiences happen.  Maybe we need to watch for them, “sniff” them out and prepare or plan for them?  I am not suggesting we dwell on them, only that we be aware that they exist and they are a fact of life not an option.   Choose a positive “Life Stance” to live your life.  Pick an attitude, realize your expectations and assumptions about life, people and yourself.  A Life Stance exists whether you like it or not.  It is your overall frame work for viewing yourself, others and the world.  It is your overall way of looking at things that happen.  If you maintain a positive life stance, you put yourself in the best position to manage bad experiences and turn them into positive growth.