Redefining an Organization

It is time for me (and you, along for the ride) to redefine my view of an organization and to eliminate the valued “pecking order.”  Money erodes social connectedness whereas People motivate each other. Rivalry has to be replaced by SOCIAL CAPITAL.

High achieving groups do not have 2 -3 superstars or a high IQ aggregate.  They typically have 3 things:

  1. Social sensitivity to each other (Check out Reading the Mind in the Eye Test!)
  2. Equal time given to each other – nobody dominated and there were no passengers (1 person didn’t do all the talking)
  3. More women (not kidding and not trying to be cheeky)

Here is my to-do list (feel free to copy):

  • Learn what SOCIAL CAPITAL means.  (Read up or listen here.)
  • Create conditions where everyone can do their most courageous thinking together.  Conflict is frequent because candor is safe.
  • Focus on creating the kind of environment that allows people to ASK FOR HELP by rewarding that behavior
  • Develop “water cooler” moments: Create an environment where people gather and socialize
  • Challenge someone to bring out the best in others because through this challenge they will find the best in themselves
  • MORTAR MATTERS – make that your new slogan or M.O.
    • We need everybody
    • Everybody has value
    • What happens between people is huge and increases the likelihood of idea flow
    • Companies don’t have ideas, people have ideas

Don’t Forget!   TIME is valuable.  GREAT IDEAS take time to form – like a child being born is messy and chaotic so are ideas.  They need time to mature.  Don’t give up on redefining your organization.