Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Looking for ideas on what to do tonight?!  Have a picnic dinner with your Teddy Bear or hold a picnic for your child(ren) and their Teddy Bear(s)!

Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day.  Many of you reading this probably still know where your childhood friend resides (in the closet, with a son or daughter or with a grandson or granddaughter…).  I know my son still has his and he is 15.  My husband’s is on a shelf in my son’s room (don’t tell him I told you this).  We’re taking them out tonight for a PB&J picnic because the famous stories told by my husband to our son involved his Teddy Bear and PB&J “swammiches.” 😊

We have Saltdogs tickets left!  We have 4 however you do not need to take all of them if you can only use 2 or 3 that is fine!  If you want to go by yourself that is fine as well (you could always take your Teddy Bear, s/he doesn’t even need a ticket)!

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Have an enjoyable Tuesday evening with YOUR favorite Teddy Bear!

Happy Tuesday!