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How do I succeed under poor leadership?

I am sure everyone has had a boss, superior or customer who was a “Horrible Boss” and unlike Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis you have been unable to do much about it but quit your job or suffer under their leadership (or lack thereof).  There are a few tips I’ve recently learned that I have actually started to teach my teenagers as this is good stuff.

  1.  Ask yourself, am I the problem? Let me explain, do you really know what you know?  Meaning, do you have evidence supporting your conclusions about their leadership abilities?
  2. Have you talked to them about the issues? If you have a problem with someone you should always address it with them first before and/or instead of talking to anyone else about it.
  3. When you address it with them first, bring a solution to offer along with your problem.
  4. Believe that you can influence your boss, superior or customer to grow their leadership abilities by being an example yourself of what good leadership looks like.


Happy Tuesday!