Lead Leaders

What does it mean to lead leaders?

You have to look at the word “lead” to fully understand what it means to lead leaders. What does it mean to lead? Some think it is to have a title others think its position, some think you’re born with the natural talent to lead, others think if you only have lots of knowledge or popularity or are an entrepreneur that you are a leader. The truth is to lead you must influence people and you cannot lead if you have no influence.  Those who think they are leading and have no one following them are only taking a walk.  To lead is to influence, nothing more nothing less.  So who are leaders?  People who influence people. Its that simple. It can be the easiest hardest thing.  Influencing people happens naturally for some and others have to work at it.  The good news is you can become a person of influence.

So leading leaders is simply people who influence people, who influence people, who influence people and on and on infinitely.

We are in the people business.

You’ve heard it before in business but its true and its the most obvious in our business as we provide a service.  82% of our company’s revenue last year went to people. Not equipment, not supplies, not a product but people.  Our Management and supervision teams and housekeepers.  The recruitment, training, retaining and supervising of people and paying them to provide extraordinary results for our customers.   What does that have to do with leading leaders?  Well, this is not management.  We manage employees to follow systems and rules but if we were to want to change their thinking and their attitudes we would need to lead them, to influence them.  My big question is what if our company could develop and lead leaders?  People who influence people, who influence people, who influence people…What would that look like? For turnover, for recruiting, for developing our company to the position of being known for who we are not what we do?  It would look like me and my business partner influencing our upper management team influencing their management teams influencing our employees who produce results for our customers.  It would not stop there either,  if I am, if my business partner, management teams and housekeepers are all positive influencers they will in turn positively influence their families and their community who will in turn influence their families and communities and at that point the possibilities are infinite.

I have this charge, do you?

For those of you who feel you have a charge to positively influence people in your life and work, I am here to support you.  I would be happy to meet with you so we can grow and develop as leaders. Please connect with me at angela@smpbm.com, on LinkedIn or on Twitter @SMPBM.

My vision is to not only help my company grow and remain profitable but to add value to the people that I serve, my customers and those who work with me in my company, all whom I care about.  I want to hear people in the business community talking about their space being “Servicemastered” instead of “cleaned by Servicemaster”.  Thank you for partnering with us on this journey!  Your continual feedback through emails, phone calls and our Questionnaire and Listen 360 programs will be of great value to our becoming a company not only known for what they do but for who they are.