End Your Year on Your Terms


It’s the holiday season so whoop de doo…(and dickory dock, and don’t forget to hang up your sock…)…

…but really, when it comes to finishing the year strong although it might feel like an uphill battle, it can make all the difference in your 2020!  Here are 3 suggestions to end your year on your terms:

  1. Pick a date! Determine the date, and even the exact moment, that your holiday officially begins. While at work resolve to dig deep bring your full effort and creativity up to, and until that moment. Do this and you’ll enjoy enormous satisfaction during your downtime.
  2. Be in the moment. While preparing for the holidays, hanging lights, attending events and shopping, be cognizant that these aren’t obligations. But they’re purposeful moments to connect and reflect. Rise above the noise and frenzy. Own your actions and mental state.
  3. Start your resolutions NOW.  Instead of waiting until the New Year to start, stop, or learn something, begin now.  Use this magical window to break your current pattern of action, get a jump on your personal goal and increase your chance of success.


Happy Tuesday!