Intuition, just because

Today is “Just Because” Day, intuition seems a good topic to celebrate such a day.  Have you ever done something just because you had a feeling you should?  Or conversely, have you ever not done something because you had a feeling it would not be a good idea?  You are acting (or not acting) on intuition.  If you break it down intuition is basically non-conscious emotional information and that when you “have a sense” about something you are informally processing and interpreting data you are receiving on a subconscious level.

In order to hone this skill since all data need to be analyzed, I try to practice the below:

  1. I make an effort to tune in to my intuition and establish a baseline. Calibrate my gut with my conscious thoughts.
  2. If the sense checks out I tell my brain to recognize these feelings and bring them to my awareness next time I feel them.  In this way I can gauge if there is a trend or if it is just coincidental.
  3. Assign meaning – after establishing trend I try to assign a meaning to my sense or give it my best guess anyway.
  4. Confirm/Reinterpret  – After getting a sense and then acting upon it I reflect on my actions and if my gut was right.  Were my feelings accurate?
  5. Care for your instrument – to maximize the strength intuition is and can be I need to stay healthy not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.  Eat well, sleep well, drink plenty of water, minimize stress, journal, seek outside help and advice when necessary and invest in good healthy relationships.

Hope you find this information valuable as you take your Tuesday Breather.

Happy Tuesday!