Leadership Compass

How about taking some time out to draw. I don’t mean to doodle or draw stick figures. There is a purpose here, how about drawing a compass…


  1. Draw a circle.


Have you ever heard of the 360 degree leader? (Click here to read more about it). Basically you have the power to influence those around you that are below you, next to you and above you.


  1. Place an “S” outside the circle at the bottom of the circle. Then write the word “Subordinates” next to the “S”.


The easiest thing to do is influence those below you because you have leverage over them. You control their paycheck, their vacation days, you can make their life miserable or wonderful.


  1. Place a “W” to the left of the circle and “E” to the right of the circle, write the word “Peers” next to the “W” and the “E”.


When you can influence your peers, you are leading from a no-leverage position. This is a high form of leadership or influence.


  1. Now put an “N” at the top of the circle. Place the word “Boss/Customers” next to the letter “N”.


A higher form of leadership is when you lead your boss (if you don’t have a boss, then maybe its a customer or family member).


  1. Lastly, place a dot in the center of the circle and write the word “Self” beside it.


The highest form of leadership is when you lead yourself.


If you can spend 80% of your time focusing on the dot, focusing on leading yourself your attempts to lead your boss, peers and subordinates falls in line like magic. Hear more about this concept by clicking here.