A Tuesday Breather

08 Jan

Goal Setting for 2020

Recently Angela Paolini visited KLIN News Talk and joined the hosts of Grow Lincoln to discuss goal setting for 2020. Take a listen here and get inspired! 

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03 Dec

End Your Year on Your Terms

Hi! It’s the holiday season so whoop de doo…(and dickory dock, and don’t forget to hang up your sock…)… …but really, when it comes to finishing the year strong although it might feel like an uphill battle, it can make all the difference in your 2020!  Here are 3 suggestions to end your year on

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10 Sep

Intuition, just because

Today is “Just Because” Day, intuition seems a good topic to celebrate such a day.  Have you ever done something just because you had a feeling you should?  Or conversely, have you ever not done something because you had a feeling it would not be a good idea?  You are acting (or not acting) on

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23 Jul

What’s Important

No matter what an employee’s job title is or how important their work is perceived to be within the company, the only way that person will know that they are important to the company and that the job they are doing is important is by their manager or supervisor showing and telling them it is

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09 Jul

Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Looking for ideas on what to do tonight?!  Have a picnic dinner with your Teddy Bear or hold a picnic for your child(ren) and their Teddy Bear(s)! Today is Teddy Bear Picnic Day.  Many of you reading this probably still know where your childhood friend resides (in the closet, with a son or daughter or

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04 Jun


The tide will rise to the word written in the sand. People and events in your life will rise to the occasion if you make gratitude your focus. It is simply the Law of Attraction. “Sometimes thinking about the subject of gratitude can prompt us to feel more of it. In other words, as we

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21 May

Two Heads are Better than One

This week I have been reminded of how important two sides of the coin is.  It is important to have more than one perspective, opinion, mindset, strength-set or skillset when looking at any given situation.  “Two heads are better than one” right?  Today, who are you involving to inform you of a new perspective, opinion,

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14 May

The Pygmalion Effect

What we say and do has a dramatic effect on the success or failure of those we are in relationship with be it work or personal, subordinate or child. You might be unknowingly witnessing the Pygmalion and/or Golem Effects in your niece or nephew, child or father, boss or subordinate and you may have only

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14 Dec

Never Force Anything. Give it Your Best Shot, and Then Let it Be

It is not enough to have high expectations on yourself, you need to also have a good attitude about the high expectations you give yourself. If you don’t have both, you have a recipe for unfulfilled success. How do you have a good attitude while placing high expectations on yourself? If you are a perfectionist,

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19 Jul

Beliefs Shape How We Lead

Lou Holtz, a retired American football coach, and active sportscaster, author, and motivational speaker has been credited for an Essay dubbed “Two Americas” by the many who are circulating it on E-mail.  Actually Bob Lonsberry, who has been a newspaper reporter, photographer, magazine writer, editor, talk show host and radio and television conservative political commentator wrote

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