A Tuesday Breather

30 Mar

Beaten But Not Finished

A fellow business owner told me today that he felt like he was “being crushed under a pile of rocks”. It made me panic at first but when I found out it wasn’t physical it was mental, my heart broke. No one should ever feel like they were being crushed under a pile of rocks

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Puzzle pieces representing employee teamwork
08 Mar

Reinforcing the Right Behaviors

When do you reward your employees? How do you reward them? When are you rewarded? How are you rewarded? If we want to reinforce a culture we reinforce the behaviors seen in it.  They can be good or bad behaviors. You can reinforce negative behaviors that build a negative culture just as much as you

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10 Nov

Change Happens!

Remember the old bumper sticker “Shit happens!” (Inspired by Forrest Gump, haha).  Change happens in our world, change happens in our nation, change happens in our lives, change happens in our workplace. It sure seems that we cannot get away from change doesn’t it? Nebraska’s unemployment rate is 2.5%. The average worker stays in their

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27 Oct

No Pain, No Gain

Everyone has bad experiences and everyone is affected by sorrow.  Life has both joy and sorrow.  The important thing is for us to recognize this is the case.  Recognize that sorrow happens, bad experiences happen.  Maybe we need to watch for them, “sniff” them out and prepare or plan for them?  I am not suggesting

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Project Runway
23 Sep

Team Dynamics. How Important Are They?

When picking who will  be on your team how important is it to consider team dynamics?  Let’s see… On one of my favorite shows, Project Runway Season 14 Episode 5 illustrates a perfect example.  Project Runway is a reality TV show putting up and coming fashion designers/amateurs/wanna-bees to the test.  The season begins with 16

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09 Sep


“When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited

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Vince Lombardi quote
10 Aug

Leadership Lessons from TNT’s “Last Ship”

I love word pictures.  I love visuals.  I tend to learn from movies or television really well.  It influences me.  In fact, I have to be very careful what I watch because of how influential it can be such that a morbid, depressing or a negative shown too graphically kind of movie can invoke bad

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Teamwork graphic with puzzle pieces
13 Jul

Redefining an Organization

It is time for me (and you, along for the ride) to redefine my view of an organization and to eliminate the valued “pecking order.”  Money erodes social connectedness whereas People motivate each other. Rivalry has to be replaced by SOCIAL CAPITAL. High achieving groups do not have 2 -3 superstars or a high IQ

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360 Degrees
09 Jul

Save time! Re-frame the Question

Albert Einstein once remarked that if he had an hour to solve a problem and his life depended on it; he’d spend the first 55 minutes determining the question to ask, because once he had the right question it would only take him five minutes to solve the problem. There is a tremendous power in

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Man trapped in a jar.
14 Jun

No One Listens to Me

Cutting watermelon with a dull knife is like trying to lead an influencer that is an 8 (high influence) when you are a 4 (low influence).  The knife can easily cut through the soft melon inside the tough rind but when it attempts to cut through the tough rind it gets stuck, it loses direction

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